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Tonno Pro FAQ

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What do I need to use to install my new tonneau truck cover?

No drilling required! All of our tonneau cover products have been built for easy installation.

Can I close and open my tailgate?

Yes. Our Tonno Pro truck covers do not block your truck tailgate.

Are Tonno Pro Tonneau Covers Lockable?

Our Tonno Fold Trifold and the Lo-Roll Rollup truck tonneau covers were designed to give you access to your bed when your tailgate is in the down or open position. The tonneau covers will not open when the tailgate is up and closed. With a tailgate lock in place, your truck bed is entirely secure.

Is Tonno Pro Waterproof?

Tonno Pro tonneau covers are entirely Water-resistant making them ideal for using in wet or inclement weather. We use the highest quality rubber gaskets and seals to ensure that moisture stays out of the truck bed.  

How does the cover hold up to temperature extremes?

Our vinyl is a Dual Coated Marine Grade material. It has been tested to – 40 to 210 degrees Fahrenheit without fail! Our Marine Grade vinyl is UV treated and designed to last over a decade. The Dual Coated feature is mildew and rot resistant which makes our tonneau covers an excellent choice no matter where you live and drive your truck.  

What can I use to clean my Tonno Pro?

You can keep your Tonno Pro Trifold or LoRoll cover clean with Pro Clean, a solvent created to keep your tonneau cover looking great. Pro Clean includes special UV inhibitors that help protect your cover against the elements. You can also use any vinyl cleaner that is free of petroleum, silicone or citrus based solvents. Avoid vinyl conditioners as these can cause your cover to sag and wrinkle.  

Can I go through an Automated Car Wash?

Yes! We have designed Tonno Pro tonneau covers to be durable and long lasting. Most newer car washes will pose no problems to our tonneau covers. However, every car wish is different. Be sure to check with the carwash operator for final say.  

Will the Tonno Pro covers work with a Bed Liner?

The Tonno Fold, Hard Fold and Lo-Roll tonneau covers will work with the "Under-the-Bedrail" type of Bed Liner without any modification. If you have an "Over-the-Bedrail" type of liner, then you will need to cut small 2" x 4" holes in the liner for the clamps that help install to the truck bed.  

You offer a great warranty! How do I claim it if I need to?

Right after you purchase your TonnoPro tonneau truck covers, be sure you've registered through our website. When you have a need to use the warranty, contact us. In most cases, we'll send the replacement pieces and parts for your tonneau truck cover without delay. In rare cases, we may ask for pictures and details for the cover in question.


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