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The Tonno Pro Lo-Roll Vinyl Tonneau Cover is one of the most versatile covers on the market. After easy installation, you can get full access to your truck bed AND have security and protection from the elements. Our Lo-Roll truck bed cover is mounted inside the bed rails offering access for mounting any of your other favorite accessories – like ladder racks, side rails, tie downs, bike racks – whatever you need to truly enjoy your truck!

Snap installation will have you up and running with your Tonno Pro tonneau cover in minutes. There's no drilling involved and the only tool you'll need is a 17 mm socket and ratchet.

The quality of the Tonno Pro Lo-Roll is unmatched. From the tear-resistant double sided vinyl, to the 6063 grade powder coated aluminum components, this cover offers the industry's best warranty. Not only does the Tonno Pro Lo-Roll provide you the security and functionality you need from a pickup truck bed cover, but it does so with Low Profile Styling that will look great on any truck!

  • Double Sided Vinyl with our proprietary black textured finish is tear-resistant and made from 24 oz. material which is the highest standard in the industry.
  • No Drill Installation and installs on average in 25 minutes.
  • Allows full access to the bed of your truck for hauling and transporting cargo.
  • Unmatched and Industry Leading Warranty on all components including the vinyl cover.
  • Low Profile Design that results in Gas Savings from 10% to 13%.
  • Applications for Chevy, GMC, Dodge, Ford, Nissan and Toyota Model Trucks.

No Drill Installation

Weather Tite Seal

Patented Tension System

Lo-Roll No Drill InstallationLo-Roll Weather Tite SealLo-Roll Patent Pending Tension System

Marine Grade Terelyne Stitching

6063 Epoxy Coated Aluminum Frame

Sure Seal Tailgate Seal

Lo-Roll Marine Grade Terelyne StitchingLo-Roll 6063 Epoxy Coated Aluminum FrameTonnoFold Sure Seal Tailgate Seal

Tonno Pro Limited Lifetime Warranty

Retail Packaging

Inside the Rail Mount

TonnoFold 14. Clamping PadTonnoFold Retail PackagingInside the Rail Mount

Patented Latch System

Installation Video

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Latch and CatchThe Tonno Pro Difference Tonno Fold Video The Tonno Pro Difference Tonno Fold Video

See the Tonno Pro Difference

See The Tonno Pro Difference Lo-Roll


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No Drill Installation averages 25 minutesCheckmark Checkmark
Only tool needed is a 17mm socket & rachetCheckmark Checkmark
Low Profile Styling & mounts within the bed rails for ease of mounting other accessories such as bike racks, ladder racks, etc.Checkmark Checkmark
24oz Dual Coated VinylCheckmark 
Marine Grade Terelyne StitchingCheckmark 
4 stitches per inch w/coated thread to completely fill opening made by needle & prevent leakingCheckmark 
Patented Tension & Latch SystemCheckmark 
Allows Full Access to te Bed Side RailsCheckmark 
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Reinforced Glass Filled Nylon ComponentsCheckmark Checkmark
6063 Grade Epoxy Coated Aluminum FrameCheckmark 
Weather-Tite Gaskets & SealCheckmark 
4 FREE GiftsCheckmark 
Limited Lifetime WarrantyCheckmark 
ISO 9001:2000 Quality ControlCheckmark 
* PRICE - At Least 20% Lower 
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* Price comparison as of Sept 1st, 2016
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Chevy LogoGMC Logo
07-13 Chevy/GMC Silverado/Sierra Extra Short Bed 5.8'ft Lo-Roll CoverLR-1035
07-13 GM Silverado/Sierra Standard Short Bed 6.6'ft Lo-Roll CoverLR-1030
07-13 Chevy/GMC Silverado/Sierra Long Bed 8'ft Lo-Roll CoverLR-1040
04-07 GM Silverado/Sierra Extra Short Bed 5.8'ft (07 Classic Body) Lo-Roll CoverLR-1015
99-07 GM Silverado/Sierra Standard Short Bed 6.6'ft (07 Classic Body) Lo-Roll CoverLR-1005
99-07 GM Silverado/Sierra Long Bed 8'ft (07 Classic Body) Lo-Roll CoverLR-1010
04-12 GM Colorado/Canyon Crew Cab Extra Short Bed 5'ft Lo-Roll CoverLR-1020
04-12 GM Colorado/Canyon Standard Short Bed 6'ft Lo-Roll CoverLR-1025
14-17 GM Silverado/Sierra1500 (2015 2500/3500) 6.6' S/B (w/out Utility Track) Lo-Roll CoverLR-1045
14-17 GM Silverado/Sierra1500 (2015 2500/3500) 5.8' XS/B (w/out Utility Track) Lo-Roll CoverLR-1050
73-87 Chevy / GMC Full size Standard Short Bed 6.5'ft Lo-Roll CoverLR-1055
73-87 Chevy / GMC Full Size Long Bed 8'ft Lo-Roll CoverLR-1060
94-03 Chevy S10 / GMC Sonoma Standard Short Bed (Not Stepside) 6'ft Lo-Roll CoverLR-1065
88-98 Chevy/GMC 1500 (92-00 Chevy/GMC 2500/3500) Standard Short Bed 6.5'ft Lo-Roll CoverLR-1070
88-98 Chevy /GMC 1500 (92-00 2500/3500) Long Bed 8'ft Lo-Roll CoverLR-1075
14-17 Chevy Silverado/GMC Sierra Long Bed 8'ft Lo-Roll CoverLR-1080
15-17 Colorado/Canyon Extra Short Bed 5'ft Lo-Roll CoverLR-1085
15-17 Colorado/Canyon Standard Short Bed 6'ft Lo-Roll CoverLR-1090
07-17 GM Silverado/Sierra Utility Track Bracket Installation Kit Lo-Roll CoverLR-1099
Dodge Logo
09-17 Dodge Ram Full Size 5'7" Bed (***with or without utility track system)(No Ram Box)LR-2020
09-17 Dodge Ram Full Size 6'4" Bed (***with or without utility track system)(No Ram Box)LR-2015
09-17 Dodge Ram Full Size 8' Bed (***with or without utility track system)(No Ram Box)LR-2025
02-08 Dodge Ram 1500 6'4" bed (03-08 2500/3500)LR-2005
02-88 Dodge Ram 1500 8' Bed (03-08 2500/3500)LR-2010
05-11 Dodge Dakota 5' Bed (with or without utility track system)LR-2035
05-11 Dodge Dakota 6'5" Bed (with or without utility track system)LR-2040
94-01 Dodge Ram Standard Short Bed 6.4'ftLR-2045
94-01 Dodge Ram Long Bed 8'ft Lo-Roll CoverLR-2050
Ford Logo
09-17 Ford F-150 5.5' Bed (***without utility track system)LR-3045
09-17 Ford F-150 6.5' Bed ***Not Flareside (***without utility track system)LR-3050
09-17 Ford F-150 8' Bed (***without utility track system)LR-3055
04-08 Ford F-150 5.5' BedLR-3015
04-08 Ford F-150 6.5' Bed ***Not FlaresideLR-3010
04-08 Ford F-150 8' BedLR-3020
08-16 Ford F-250/F-350/F-450 Super Duty 6.8' BedLR-3035
08-16 Ford F-250/F-350/F-450 Super Duty 8' BedLR-3040
99-07 Ford F-250/F-350/F-450 Super Duty 6'8" BedLR-3025
99-07 Ford F-250/F-350/F-450 Super Duty 8' BedLR-3030
82-13 Ford Ranger 6' Bed ***Not Splash/FlaresideLR-3005
01-03 F150 SuperCrew 5'5" Extra Short Bed LoRoll CoverLR-3060
73-96 Ford F150 (73-98 F250/350) Standard Short Bed 6.5'ft Lo-Roll CoverLR-3065
73-96 Ford F150 (73-98 F250/350) Long Bed 8'ft Lo-Roll CoverLR-3070
97-03 Ford F150 Long Bed 8'ft Lo-Roll CoverLR-3075
97-03 F150 Standard Short Bed 6'5" Lo-Roll Bed CoverLR-3080
09-14 Ford F150 Utiltiy Track Installation Bracket KitLR-3091
09-17 Ford Utility Track Installation Bracket Kit for Lo-Roll CoverLR-3099
Nissan Logo
04-14 Nissan Titan 5.5' Bed (w/out bed extender) *** without utilty track kitLR-4015
04-15 Nissan Titan 6.5' Bed (w/out bed extender) *** without utility track kitLR-4020
05-15 Nissan Frontier 5' Bed (w/out bed extender) includes utility track kitLR-4005
05-15 Nissan Frontier 6' Bed (w/out bed extender) includes utility track kitLR-4010
04-15 Nissan Titan Bed Extender/Spacer KitLR-4091
05-15 Nissan Frontier Bed Extender/Spacer KitLR-4092
04-15 Nissan Titan Utility Track Installation Bracket KitLR-4093
Toyota Logo
07-17 Toyota Tundra 5.5' Bed ***without utility track kitLR-5010
07-17 Toyota Tundra 6.5' Bed ***without utility track kitLR-5005
07-17 Toyota Tundra 8' Bed ***without utility track kitLR-5015
05-15 Toyota Tacoma 5' Bed ***includes utility track kitLR-5020
05-15 Toyota Tacoma 6' Bed ***includes utility track kitLR-5025
95-04 Tacoma Standard Short Bed 6'ft Lo-Roll CoverLR-5030
00-06 Tundra Standard Cab/2000-2006 Access Cab Standard Short Bed 6.5'ftLR-5035
00-06 Tundra Double Cab /2001-2006 Access Cab with bed Caps Short Bed 6.3'ftLR-5040
07-17 Toyota Tundra Utility Track Installation Bracket KitLR-5099

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