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Great product & price...

By Tom W.
Thank you TonnoPro! I purchased the HF-562 Hard Tri-Fold for my New 2017 Tacoma 4x4. I’ve had other basic cut to size soft tonneau covers on past trucks, but this one is very durable. It arrived the day before an expected snow storm and I couldn’t wait to get it on my truck. (Just in time) I opened the box right at the FedEx pick up depot and installed it by myself in about 20 minutes in the parking lot. Since I had already watched the install video it was Super easy. No cutting or difficulty.

Definitely glad I decided to spend the little extra for the Hard tri-fold. 
I really like the hard durability and the softer vinyl look over it. Now I don’t have to worry about sagging or cheap cross bars falling out every time I hit a bump. Great product & price.

Tom M.


By B.J H.
1. I bought the TonnoFold because it was the least expensive option. Turns out to be the best looking cover in the lot and easiest to open.
2. It took 30 minutes to install. Actually, I took 10 minutes - then 20 to re-inspect my work to find what I had missed. Nothing. It's that easy...
3. Can't be true. Yes, it is. Quality, functionality, and good looking!

BJH customer image2

I Give This Product A Solid 10...

By Mark E..
Good evening.  Just dropping you a line to fill you in on my order. Originally, the shipping date was approximately 5 days, but received an email changing the shipping to 2 weeks -  not a problem.  The price for my 8-foot cover was the same as a friends 6-foot cover, and after pricing other covers and other makes, thought this price was very reasonable.  The cover actually arrived a couple of days early, and installation was a snap.  The cover fits properly, and looks really sharp. Not only that, but it poured the last two days - and my truck bed is dry as a bone.  I give this product a solid 10 - thank you very much!!

I Have A Complaint...

By John B.
Just wanted to complain about your great TonnoFold covers. When I bought my Tacoma I wanted to get a camper shell for it. The cost is too much at the time and still needed a cover for the back. My wife agreed on getting the TonnoFold and we would later get the camper shell. WELL, your TonnoFold has been on for almost a year now. It has been through hale storms, thunderstorms, one of the hottest summers on record, and countless car washes. It has not lost any tension with it being folded back, taken off/on, highway running. It is like it has been from the day I put it on. The wife is refusing to pay for a camper shell because the TonnoFold works TOO well. So, thanks guys, I'm stuck with it. Really no regrets. A great product and have recommended your products to others.


Buffalo Snow Storm 2014...

By Ron K., Lancaster, New York
I live in Lancaster NY just out side Buffalo . As most of the country knows, we got hit with a massive snow storm in late November. We had 74 inches of snow. I have picture I wanna share of my truck coved up and I was expecting my cover to be destroyed and it wasn't. My brother has one also and he had no damage either. Your product is outstanding I don't know how much weight the snow equalled too but it was heavy .

TonnoPro In The Snow
Tonno Pro In The Snow
Tonno Pro In The Snow

Just Had To Share...

By Vicky M.
OMG I love this cover thank you so much for the great quality, easy installation and the fast shipping. Got it before Christmas. Thank you so much I love it.

Easiest unit I have worked with to install, adjust & work with...

By JR W.
Fiberglass Covers to heavy & limit bed use. Other Soft covers I have had to fight to get on & off for tall equipment hauling, & then fight frame pieces when having to load tall items.
Simple & better sealing. Great Quality at reasonable price.

Just Had To Share...

By Michael T., Fort Worth, Texas
Just HAD to share... Got caught in a Hailstorm North of Ardmore on June 8th. Got my truck back yesterday after they replaced hood and roof panel and AC Condenser and Turbocharger intercooler. BUT the TonnoPro came through with Flying Colors!!! NO Hail damage. Thanks Y'all for a rugged product.

I highly recommend this company...

By Toby M., South Dakota
I ordered a tonneau cover for my F150 but received the incorrect one so I contacted the company and they sent me the one needed for my new Ford (all at their expense). I had trouble installing it so I contacted the company and spoke with a very knowledgeable Michele. She sent me additional instruction via email. I now have a very nice addition to my pick-up and I cannot say enough about this company's customer service! I highly recommend this won't go wrong!

The cover worked amazing...

By Tony B., Wisconsin
The cover worked amazing keeping the elements out. This cover endured heavy rainfall, Sleet, Snow, Ice, Frozen Rain. The entire time everything in my bed was dry!

Tonno Pro on a Dodge

By John K
This cover looks and performs great. Super easy to install and remove when necessary,
I chose this one because it required no modification to the truck at all. It simply clamps on when needed and off when not . It is also very snug and doesn't flap or move when driving. Overall it is an EXCELLENT product!


TonnoFold Reviews

TonnoPro Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover - "So Easy A Man Could Do It"

By Heather F
This TonnoPro Tri-Fold cover was easy to install in less than 30 minutes. No tools required. So easy a man could do it!!

New to Me and Glad I bought it.

By Michael A
I had always had a snap down cover on my trucks. After uncovering it and hauling items over the winter and struggling to stretch the cover back over the bows after it had contracted I had enough and wanted an "easier" cover to utilize during the winter. The Tonneau Pro is it! Value, good looks and ease of operation won me over. Best $279 I ever spent for my new Truck. The shipping was fast, installation took all of about 5 minutes and the fit is perfect! Thanks Tonneau Pro!!

TonnoPro Tri-Fold

By Christopher G
TonnoPro Tri-Fold Tonneau cover is very nice. The cover went on easily and quickly. The Retailer was great to deal with. Product shipped immediately and I received it in a couple of days. ...

Good Cover

By Chris R
Very nice cover... Fits well. A little clumsy to install though. Getting it even with the bed of the truck can be a little tricky... That being said, for the money, it's a really nice cover and I would recommend it. ...

Two Covers in 1 Family

By Ronald B
This is our second cover, 1st was for son's Chevy Silverado and this one for the other son's new RAM. Cover arrived in only a few days, great service/shipping. Installation was very quick/easy, same as the Chevy cover. Fits well, easy access even in the single digit temps we've been having. On and Off truck in minutes if needed. Would definitely buy again.. ...

Good cover for price

By Jon G
I like this cover because it uses rubber to seal the cover to the bed, not foam. Barely leaks water. Very, very easy to install, took only minutes. So far, very durable. I will buy this cover again if anything happens to the one I have now. ...

Great Product and Service

By Alan B
I was really impressed with the Tonno Pro cover's quality and appearance. It was also very easy to install and remove. It looks great on my Ram 1500 and I have seen an increase in my mpg. I would recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a Tonneau Cover. ...

Pleasantly Surprised!

By Scott N
This is my 1st experience with a tonneau cover. I bought my truck used and the old cover was obviously damaged as the vinyl had been cut off and the frame left in place. It took me longer to remove the old frame than it did to put the new cover on. Right away I noticed a smoother ride. Most of my travel was local so I didn't notice any improvement in gas mileage right away. I just recently made a long distance trip this weekend and noticed a considerable increase in gas mileage between the cover and smart driving. We're in a dry spell and I cannot answer for the cover's ability to keep cargo dry at this point. Overall, I am quite please that I finally made the decision and that I went with this cover. ...

Tonno Pro Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover

By Michael E
I really like the look and quality of this Tonneau Cover. I've had 2 others in the past and this one is by far better. The instructions were not too easy to read, but if you have any mechanical skills, you will have no problems. I like it 100 times better than the cheap roll up type and snap types I've had in the past. I would definitely purchase this cover again. ..

Works as it should!

By Jody T
Easy to install, keeps the rain out and it looks good!

TonnoPro Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover

By John H
I think it's an awesome product. I am a 1st time buyer I will by again. ...

Well pleased!

By David T
Installed the cover in no time! Looks good, and so far appears to be water-tight. Would definitely recommend, and would buy again. ...

Great Price

By Aaron C
Was very easy to install and the quality was just as good as the Extang Trifecta I had on my last truck. ...


By Susan W
Great cover.. much better than my last roll up one. Thanks.. fits great and very easy to install EVEN for a GIRL!! ...

Love It

By mike k
I love this cover very easy to install came in 2 days folds up quickly I would recommend it ..

Why would you buy anything else?

By John W
I purchased this product and received it in less than two (2) days!! The box was waiting at my front door and I told my wife (of 18 years) that I would be out front putting the Tonno Pro on my truck. Her response was "see you in a few hours". I (and she) was amazed that I was back in the house within 10 minutes, project completed. This cover is exactly as advertised. Install's in minutes with no tools. I am a very satisfied customer. Thanks!! ...



TonnoFold Reviews


LoRoll Love

By Josh, North Carolina, GMC Sierra
I love your product!

By Dan H., Ohio
Love my low profile roll up. I highly recommend. Very good product. Love mine.

This cover looks and works great.

By John M
My wife and I decided to get this to keep our baby stroller in the bed of our truck. We figured it was worth the cost for the convenience of not having to go up and down the stairs to our apartment with it. It has also come in handy when we go shopping and don't want to fill up the back seat with bags. It only took about 20 minutes to install from the time I began opening the box. This product is definitely worth buying and I'm even thinking about getting my brother one. ...


TP Review

By Craig G
This item is great. It was easy to install, does not weigh much of anything, and I can tell a difference while driving on the open highway. Wish I had purchased it sooner. ...



TonnoFold Reviews

Looks Great!

By Steve W., Ohio, Chevy Silverado
Tonno Hardfold looks great on the new crew cab Z!

Great customer service!

By Chip B., Virginia
Wow!!! Great customer service! I just hung up the phone after speaking with TonnoPro customer service regarding a seal that had come loose. They are sending me the adhesive to repair it at no cost. Just one more reason why I love my TonnoPro HardFold! It's highly functional, looks great on my Ford F150, and a great company stands behind it. TonnoPro has my highest recommendation!!

Fast Shipping!

By Mark S., Missouri
Just received my Hard Folding cover yesterday. I am headed home to install it. Can't wait! Thanks for the fast shipping.




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